Who or what are the spirit guides?

And can they assist you in healing, and if so, how can they do that? With a belief in the angelic realms and that we all have a guardian angel, I can only tell you of my own experience, which makes me feel humble to this day. It wasn’t a guide or an angel that I saw, but it left a huge impression.

I was with an old and dear friend of the family whose cancer had returned for the fourth time. My friend had various other operations other than for cancer, bleeding of the stomach and a gall bladder operation; consequently, at 82, she was feeling worn out on all levels, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I know people thought she’d had a good run for her money, but I detected a warrior spirit within this frail human being and wouldn’t be surprised if she lived a further ten years. She asked me if I would do some of “that thingy thing” I did. I smiled. I never spoke of Reiki or my beliefs, but I had given her TLC many a time.

That day time wasn’t on my side.

I’d popped in to see her and was due back for my next client in less than 40 minutes, but I was halfway to her house by merely being in the village. I quickly laid my hands where she was feeling the physical pain; I had no expectations, but because she loved any TLC and trusted me, and it had worked before. I felt at least it would give her a break from her restlessness, and maybe she could sleep in the afternoon. When you’re a confident person, you can often persuade someone that the pain is more manageable with your attitude.


TLC is very therapeutic and tends to relax the person, and my friend was used to my style, which was a mixture of many with a massive dose of unconditional love. But as I closed my eyes, I instantly saw an image of Jesus, I did a double-take, but he persisted and stayed. I opened my eyes, but only with a soft-focus.

I didn’t want him to go.

But he was still there. I looked down at my friends face, and utter peace shone through. All her facial lines that showed a thousand fears and pain had gone. I continued for five minutes, and when I opened my eyes, he was gone, and there sat her daughter, tears streaming down her face. ‘What in heavens name happened?’ she asked. I told her, and while I thought she’d be sceptical, but I’m a risk-taker, I don’t care if people think I’m flaky! She said she felt the energy change in the room, confirming something extraordinary had taken place.

She touched her mothers face, sighed.

We expected her to die very soon, even the doctor did and why I felt an urge to see her before my next client. We both left the room in awe. In the kitchen, her daughter stated, ‘I knew something had happened.’ I asked how she knew. ‘I felt a presence, but there was a glow about you as well and did you notice how bright the room was and so silent?’ There was no verbal interjection at that time, but the feeling of love and the healing was palpable. That’s when she told me of her son who’d had an accident and how he’d spoken of an angel informing him he’d live, I wasn’t surprised.


Neither was I surprised she’d never told anyone but me because life can be very cynical. You have to be very brave to say anything about God, Angels, Spirit guides and Reiki.

Although I’d experienced my Reiki Guide many times when I did different degree levels, I’d never experienced something as vibrant, and humbling as this. I never expected Jesus, because Reiki is Eastern in origin, but that night when I meditated, I heard a voice say, something often mentioned in the Catholic Church.

‘All roads lead to Rome.’

And of course, they do, but I did chuckle. So far, no cancer has returned, and my enthusiastic friend is now rushing around in her wheelchair at 87 years old after two amputations to her leg. I never told anyone about this except my husband and her daughter. And even then I felt I’d imagined it, but, whether I did or not, I believe as good as Angels and Reiki guides can be, we both needed someone with stronger healing powers than an angel or a Reiki Guide.

Or maybe Jesus was saying,

‘Going to the top man is a darned sight quicker,’ or being the compassionate energy he is, he wasn’t bothered, either way, none suffer from the human ego. I know that when giving comes from the heart and soul, something changes in the environment and situation. Since writing this as an assignment in 1997 My friend has died, not of any illness, she gently ambled into old age, living a further five years.


She touched everyone’s hearts and souls along the way. She left a fantastic legacy, by showing me and others how to be brave and to count our blessings. On our frequent visits to the hospital and outpatient department, the consultant looked forward to seeing her. By now she was on her own, her husband had died of a heart attack. I never once minded taking her to the hospital for every time I felt gratitude with magnitude.

The consultant called her his little miracle.

And those petrified patients who’d their shocking diagnosis, who thought they’d die, she would talk about all four cancers, and the look of hope and determination in their eyes was a joy to behold, she was a shining example to everyone. My friend was pragmatic, she never felt sorry for herself, and when people were in awe of her, she’d say, ‘when you have something to live for, you’re grateful to be alive.’ I was blessed knowing this lovely lady.

She was the Divine Woman.

She inspired me every day of our friendship; she managed to get through the dreadful things she experienced with dignity and grace. And more than anything, she was an example to everyone. She had a powerful mind in a petite frame, all six stone ten pounds. When she had her first cancer at 52, another friend had bowel carcinoma; the consultant said they’d caught his in time. But he died six weeks later. My friend’s vaginal cancer was severe.


At the time back in 1967, all they could offer her was radiation. They placed a radiation pack inside her and stitched her up, (I know sounds barbaric), with a lot of damage to her bladder, but it worked. When I asked her how she lived with stage four, pretty well going on stage five cancer and this man had stage one?

She looked at her husband and back at me with an enigmatic smile and said. ‘How could I leave that silly so and so, who would take care of him? And the friend with bowel cancer said, and I quote because I was there. “that’s it it’s the BIG C, and I’m going to die.’ And die, he did.

I like having younger friends
For they remind me of how far I’ve come.

And I like having older friends Because they remind me of how far I can go.

And while I may not be where I want to be quite yet, At least I’m not where I used to be.

Sylvia Lerigo *