At 12-years old I had the same beliefs as I have today and that’s because what we believe before the age of 7-years old is often central to our whole life. And if we do abandon them, we tend to come back to our core beliefs later in life.


  • In commitment, keeping promises and loyalty
  • Working at something you love.
  • In the colour Pink in the third semester of my life,
  • People, on the whole, are generous and kind. But if not, walk away, and save your soul, because it’s the only one you have. I BELIEVE
  • In avoiding negativity, as, there’s no immunity for this condition.
  • Negativity is as catching as any virus.
  • In stopping and stepping back and reflecting, before making decisions. I BELIEVE
  • In working smarter rather than harder,
  • Hard work never kills you, but fretting or laziness does
  • Self-education is self-mastery,
  • Skills and tools free you from slavery.
  • Being a good example is essential.
  • Kindness and consideration matters.
  • Family and friends are more important than money,
  • A smile cost’s nothing yet give so much.
  • Mistakes are invaluable and the only lessons we need.

The Jesuits say give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man. I say give me the child before 3-years-old, and I will give the ethical person.


  • In second chances, but not third ones,
  • Tough love is kindness in the long run.
  • The environment matters and order and responsibility are vital.
  • Money can change lives for the better
  • That craving of money is the downfall from grace.
  • A financial freedom pot is a lifesaver in a crisis. I BELIEVE
  • Honest work is vital to wellbeing and respects others.
  • Love is necessary for our health, wealth, heart and soul
  • In kissing and loving, but only with those you love, and love you.
  • In hugs, kindness and giving. I BELIEVE
  • Laughing burns calorie quicker and saves on facelifts
  • Loyalty and faithfulness are vital
  • Forgiveness is the real freedom people crave for.
  • Gratitude corrects entitlement.
  • Gratitude with magnitude
  • In giving Value for Money and working honestly
  • Worrying is pointless and harms the soul
  • Anger is self-destructive
  • Fear is false evidence appearing real

We all have a purpose in life, but sometimes when worried and anxious, we miss the signs. I believe in Heaven and Angels, Faith, Hope, and Miracles. Synchronicity, messages and symbols and in a Higher Power.


  • In giving people quality time
  • In stopping, and stepping back to reflect many times a day.
  • Stepping up and going forward with a purpose in life.
  • Time is something you can’t buy over the counter, once gone, it’s gone forever. So, enjoy each day. I BELIEVE
  • Marry the right person as this determines 95% of wellbeing
  • Children and elders teach us so much.
  • In respecting and valuing others skills
  • Worrying is pointless and ageing
  • In giving 100% at the time, and doing this willingly. I BELIEVE
  • In the power of the mind, the heart and the soul.
  • In inner strength and boldness
  • There are leaders and followers for a reason,
  • In the heart, body and soul’s intelligence
  • Happy women are the most beautiful women.
  • Happy men, the noblest.
  • InME

I love quotes, metaphors and stories in therapy. Why? Because they never challenge the ego. They slip gracefully through the back door of the mind and bypass the demanding ego. Advice is never taken, nagging never works, you have to find ways to slip past the ego and the mind. Psychologists call this reversed psychology. Our grandparents, called this common sense. I call this inside out work.

The best way to have what you want is to be what you want.
You’re the master of your health and wellbeing, the architect of your future, and the creator of your health, health and prosperity.

(Sylvia Lerigo)

Our behaviour speaks volumes. We can apologise over and over again. But if our thinking and actions never change. Then our words and actions become meaningless.

(Sylvia Lerigo)

Yesterday I was smart, and so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


Top 15 Things Money Can’t Buy
Time, Happiness, Integrity, Love, Character and Manners, Health, Respect and Morals, Trust, Patience, Class, Dignity, Common Sense. And Inner Peace

(Roy T. Bennett, (The Light in the Heart)