A genuine smile is the shock absorber that lessens and softens the roller coaster of life. It’s the easiest of things to give away. When my husband had a poem called SMILE framed in his workshop, customers and tourists asked about having a copy. So I typed one dozen, then two, then three, then four. In the fast and pacy world, people resonated with the energy of this poem. The poem is in various forms on the Internet.


A smile costs nothing but gives so much. A smile enriches those receiving one, without making poorer those who give one. A smile takes but a moment…and yet the memory can last forever.

Remember… no one is so rich, or so powerful they cannot live without a smile…The poor are certainly made richer by receiving one, especially yours.

A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in business and is the countersign of friendship. A smile brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad and hope to the lonely. A smile is nature’s best antidote for trouble.

And yet a smile cannot be begged, borrowed or stolen!
In fact a smile has little value until given away.
Some people are just too tired to give you a smile.
So… give them one of yours! Because no one needs a smile as the person who has no more to give.

The DIY Method

A genuine smile starts inside before it can look authentic on the outside.

✤ Right now this minute, Stop, Step Back Reflect,
✤ Find a memory that warms your heart and soul,
✤ One that made you smile, back then, and will now.
✤ Feel the warmth in your heart.
✤ Soften your eyes, breathe deeply, and exhale.
✤ Soften the mouth, open your eyes,
✤ Not too big, you don’t want to scare the dog or the kids, ✤ And drop your shoulders.
✤ Exhale deeply, think of that something now,
✤ If it’s not powerful enough that your heart doesn’t sing, ✤ Find another memory,
✤ One that makes you smile and then smile gently.
✤ It’s easy to keep that gentle look all the time,
✤ It’s hard to force a smile and keep it intact.
✤ The soft look is the best one to go for.
✤ It’s an enigmatic look that’s hard to refuse and will have ✤ Are you ready to give a bigger smile?

Practice Makes Perfect

People will remember that person who brought a smile into their life without any other reason, other than you did and could. You’ll feel better for smiling at someone, anyone, and even yourself.

Give away a smile and see what happens!

If smiling feels odd to you, you may have believed that you look more sophisticated. Or maybe you’ve got into the habit of frowning or pouting like a model? So you will have to do small steps to change. Start small and smile for a few seconds.

Day 1: Smile at a family member
Day 2: Smile at a friend, someone you know. Day 3: Smile at a colleague,
Day 4: Smile at a neighbour
Day 5: Smile at a shop assistant you know
Day 6: Smile at a shop assistant you don’t know Day 7: Smile at a complete stranger

I think you’ll be surprised at how many people smile back at you. People won’t believe you’re mad, eccentric or a pushover. Others won’t feel less of you or take advantage of you, because you smile.

The more you smile the more people smile back