Giving and sharing is the master key to success in all applications of human life.

Sylvia Lerigo

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When anxious, worried, and desperate, and problems seem insurmountable, the right information can offer viable options and solutions; and ones’ we might never have considered before. Words have always been a source of comfort, hope and inspiration.

The Sieves

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We fail to progress as fast as want, is because we have so much mental and emotional anxieties. We can’t think well enough to be pro-active. that’s why I designed this subtle and fun technique to clear emotions and mental junk, so progress.


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We all have a tipping point. Imagine someone bullies or controls you for a short time. You’ll soon feel weak and vulnerable, and if not dealt with, you can soon feel disempowered. Protecting your emotions and mentally is vital to wellbeing.


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When the chakras are in perfect harmony, we radiate sound health. Our emotions and thinking is stable, and we experience a deep sense of inner peace and calmness. But how do we know when these are out of balance? Some people are brilliant at knowing something is wrong. Read about why you need to balance yourself.

The 3 Stages

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We rarely listen to our inner voice. Instead continue to seek advice from the wrong sources or struggle on our own. When the right information comes from ourselves, we’re more prepared to listen. On this technique, we meet three ages and ask a question; that is often inspiring.

The 6 Primciples of Reiki and Siechem

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In 1996, there wasn’t any Reiki music. So, I had something designed for students to know when to move their hands to the next position. But I noticed that when I used the Reiki music in the background of therapy. Clients relaxed and the results more rapid and long-term.

Space Cleaning

Space Cleaning is about order and responsibility and working through eight Levels of Space Cleaning. One without the other won’t work as each one is essential to each other. These levels are vital for a chaotic free environment, content situations, positive thinking, behaviour and actions. But, would you know when something needed changing in your life, and would you know how to make those changes? Most people assume they need counselling or medication to lift them, rather than something simple and as a rapid as a change of thinking, feelings, behaviour and action.

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A Smile

A genuine smile is the shock absorber that lessens and softens the roller coaster of life. It’s the easiest of things to give away. When my husband had a poem called SMILE framed in his workshop, customers and tourists asked about having a copy. So I typed one dozen,...

The Things Children Say

Why we love to eavesdrop on Children... DEAR GOD, IS IT TRUE MY FATHER WON'T GET IN HEAVEN IF HE USES HIS GOLF WORDS IN THE HOUSE? (ANITA) Dear God, How come you did all those miracles in the old day and don't do any now?(Billy) An exasperated mother, whose son was...