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Sylvia Lerigo

The Sieves

Free Technique

This is much like a detox. This technique offers a gentle clearing of the emotions, and mental, allowing the body to heal. By doing Sieves, we emerge into a more productive sense of wellbeing, where significant insights and awareness occur. Effortless gentle, this begins the whole of the Optimum Healing, Programme.


Free Technique

This is a subtle technique which allows us to feel protected. So we can observe, prevent and assess negativity with a different perspective. If we spend time in someone’s company that is negative, it drains us. And why some form of emotional protection is vital.


Free Technique

Becoming skilled at understanding our body means we can tell when a chakra is out of balance. I work in eight chakras and for a good reason as explained in the book. The Chakra system is an ancient way of life. It”s not as an alternative approach; rather, it complements existing therapies and self-healing.

The Three Stages

Free Technique

With this technique we go back in time. We meet with our five-year-old self who is wiser then we expect for all her naivety. Then the fifteen-year-old who is on the cusp of womanhood, then we move the end of our life. Many have found the right answers from these three ages for all manner of questions.


Free Technique

R&S music is a story. A scene that encourages a desire for a better life, there’s harmony and above all timing. R&S music breaks down the barriers, helps control the ego, and enhances the soul energy. Use for relaxation or Reiki work.

Subliminal Confidence

Free Technique

There is a massive difference between confidence (the mask we wear) and self-esteem (feeling inadequate). We can be self-assured enough to go to work, but feel incompetent when working? We can be confident enough to speak to a stranger, yet feel inadequate when we do. Feeling serene on the inside, so you’re genuinely confident on the outside is the aim. Try this subliminal confidence for three weeks; you can always delete. If you have A1 hearing you may hear my voice, however the conscious mind will learn to ignore this. For best results listen when asleep.

Subliminal Weight Loss

Free Technique

I’d ask clients who came for weight loss this question, ‘what are you hungry for?’ All looked quizzical and said, ‘food.’ I’d ask again until they woke up from their trance state. When they did the answers were revealing. ‘I want love, attention, and validation.’ One said, ‘being overweight protected her from men. I looked at her and thought she could be 20 stone, with a bag over her head, and still be attractive. She oozed sensuality. Finally, she learnt better ways to cope with unwanted advances than ruining her health. The words of Oscar Wilde: ‘To love yourself is the start of a lifelong romance, is the first thing to achieve. With this subliminal recording, (Paul Cullum), created for Optimum healing, you will learn to eat to live rather than live to eat? Best listen too at night.

Subliminal Quit Smoking

Free Technique

I Smoking is a deep trance state that often refuses to be changed consciously, so the way to change the negative state is to slip in the back door. In this subliminal technique, (if you have A1 hearing, you may hear the words) are ethical instructions to change. Simple ones that were on the course. The success rate on any course was very high, far higher than the NHS programmes I worked on with a local doctor. If you’re serious about your health try this for free. Best listened at night before sleep.

Om Shanti-Shanti 4 You

Free Technique

We sang this Om Shanti-Shanti on a healing course in 1997 and from then I was hooked. Om has no translatable meaning, however I’m told that its’ the sound of the universe. Shanti is a Sanskrit word for PEACE but also translated as CALM or BLISS. I found this very healing after my husband died in May 6, 2019. If you want peace, calmness and happiness then try this. Please be aware these are not professional recordings but done on courses for the heart, mind, body and soul.

The River is Flowing

Free Technique

I sang the River is a Flowing to my granddaughter India when she was ill in hospital as an infant. Unbeknown to me, a doctor and two nurses were listening and asked me to continue as all the babies in the unit had stopped crying. If you want a calm less anxious child, then sing this lullaby, at times it’s often better than reading. Please be aware these are not professional recordings but done on courses for the heart, mind, body and soul and for the joy of singing.

Dancing 4 The Soul in a Crisis

Free Technique

We used to dance in a circle (in an all-women group), barefoot on a camomile lawn; it was pure magic. Nothing beats dancing together to heal the world—a few minutes of Dancing for the Soul will have you calmer, feeling more hopeful, healthier, more courageous and inspired. If you feel bereft of strength and courage, then do this with others outside on a lovely sunny day. You will feel more secure, calmer and more able to cope with any crisis in your life. Dancing for the Soul helps the immune system.

The Circle of Healing

Free Technique

If you play this in the background after you’ve done a good house clean or clear out, (look at Space Clean book) and burn some candles, open windows, allow the sun to enter the house, or the breeze, and you’ll find the whole house will feel differently. Fresh from the clean, but healed from any angst. Perfect for doing before, in, and after any crisis. I do this a lot. You can meditate or pray or play I am a Circle I am Healing You, for as long as you feel the environment needs it.

Optimum Studying 4 You

Free Technique

When studying to be a Hypno-psychotherapist (1994/5), then NLP and Reiki, (1997), degrees (between 1998-2005), I had a limited time frame to study (10 pm – 2 am). I had a shop, I was the homemaker, I supported my husband in his business and the boys through higher education. But superwoman I was not, I used tools to help me and Mozart and Vivaldi worked wonders. Compiled by Chris Worth Publications, played on repeat for an hour, 10-minute break and back to work, the results were staggering—my concentration, memory recall, focus was acute. I was satisfied, enjoyed my life and the bonus was I had much better marks.

Optimum Music 4 Kids

Free Technique

Children really do appreciate classical music. My children went to sleep listening to classical music and slept better for it. Usually they only heard the first few minutes. In 2007 I created a selection of my favourites via Chris Worth Productions so I could own the copyright for clients children who were fretting at night. Perfect anytime, in the car, or at bedtime, and less than 20 minutes long. Most children are asleep in the first five minutes max.

The Land of Nod 4 Insomniac’s

Free Technique

I’ve always found the sound of rain soothing, but forest rain on a warm night is very hypnotic. But when I added the sound of a Tibetan gong, it became soporific. I could imagine a lone monk at the top of the Himalayan Mountains in his Monastery patiently meditating just before he strikes echoing that sombre sounds. I have yet to hear the whole sequence as I’m off the Land of Nod very quickly. I have to say this is best listened to with headphones.

How to Maintain Your Results

Don’t Forget The Basics

When clients and students contacted me months or years later, the first thing I asked them was: Have you still got the CDs? If so get back to basics. Listen to the Sieves and Protection for three weeks and then ring me.

Check The Chakras

Periodically check the chakras (once a month) and if you should have any trauma in your life use this as a First Aid tool. When I had a hip replacement, I was awake throughout the procedure, and as I waited in recovery, I balanced my Chakras. But before the operation, I did the Sieves and Protection.

Listen To Yourself

Advice from yourself is better than from others, and you’re guaranteed to have a straight answer from the five, fifteen year old and the older you in The Three Stages. You can use this to make any decision in life.

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