Everything has a Beginning a Middle and an End

That’s Science, Nature and Life!

Sometimes our lives change dramatically, but with any crisis, no matter how strong we are, we sometimes falter and need help.

We may lose faith and hope, and wonder what on earth some people are doing? By nature, human beings need a plan of action.

We need something to look forward to, leadership, and reassurances, or we become cranky, tense tetchy, and worried. We become passive, unproductive and depressed. And when we have no idea when a crisis will end, we become impatient, anxious, fearful and rebellious. We need a purpose. We need to know. We need a plan of action.


We are either weaker or stronger before and after a crisis. That choice is ours. When my husband died with an AVM in May, one moment alive and laughing, two hours later gone forever.

I resorted to my inner strengths, family and friends but I also used my techniques to survive the roller coaster ride. When COVID-19 hit the world, I used them again.


I started on the Sieves to clear my fears and concerns. I did the Protection, so I’d feel mentally and physically stronger.

I balanced my Chakras so I’d feel more balanced and healthy. I did the 3 STAGES because there were questions I needed answers, and I listened to REIKIi music

But above all I had faith that this crisis would end. And I knew we’d all change. For how long, that’s debatable and up to us.

Questions will be asked, and many of us will ask them. But inside of this crisis we see people like Captain Tom Moore who will leave us all a massive legacy. At 99-years old he showed us what determination is all about!

We had all the Front-liners. Those who went to work to keep us fed, without the NHS, the unities, and many others who stepped up when needed. Heaven Forbid we’d be in a fine old mess without these people.


I kept a routine and watched my diet. And my liquid intake, plenty of water the odd glass of wine! I completed many outstanding jobs. I did a mini Spring Clean and decluttered my office. I caught up on paperwork. I sorted the garden ready to party for when we all meet again, and we will. The Lockdown will end.


My Dog Eddy is a sweet-natured boy. And I’ve found he’s a very good judge of character. But he took a particular dislike to some newsreaders and politicians. He would growl, bark and pace, as a psychotherapist I recognised that the music was dramatic, and the voices demanding, monotonous, (nagging) so I switched off the sound and put the subtitles on. BUT He still growled and paced.

He came and sat next to me for comfort. So I put down my laptop and looked through his eyes, and I could see why? The faces of the newsreaders, presenters and politicians looked menacing. So I stopped watching the news and media, because it’s as bad catching as any virus. And I felt better within days.


I listened to Elgar, Mozart, Grieg and Chopin. Eddy Cochran and Duane Eddy. I watched videos that made me smile, chuckle, then laugh out loud. I talked a lot to myself and Eddy. They say a dog understands 200 words. He knows far more. I kept in touch with friends and family. Some of the funnies they sent me had me in hysterics. I worked on my website. And I read some brilliant books.

Truthfully? I was enjoying the peace. I slept surprisingly well. I did Reiki and Seichem on myself, I meditated and I prayed for my family, and friends, and particularly for those who died without family at the most critical time in their life. I prayed for the world and more than anything I prayed for the conscience and common sense of all politicians.

And something amazing happened.

I was back to the 60s, where everything seemed possible, even in this crisis. I felt carefree and calm. I had hope, but in truth I’d never lost faith or hope. I met loads of new friends on our walks. And so did Eddy. The air smelled wonderful and fresh, the noise of life abated, and I didn’t need my hearing aids any more. My house looked different, and I felt different. And so can you, try my techniques and feel the difference. You too might come out of this wiser and more hopeful.