About Us
About Us

If you stopped more and stepped back more, believed more, trusted more, and respected more you’d be loved and admired more…If you reflected more, dreamt more, stepped up more, forgave more and smiled more, you’d inspire others more… If you genuinely want a bright future, then embrace your past because the past holds lessons and experiences that can be valuable in the future. And always remember this; you’ll always achieve more with a dose of gratitude.

Sylvia Lerigo

About Sylvia

Coach? Teacher? Mentor?

I’m a realist and idealist; I straddle the old with the new. I’m a progressive thinker, and I do love new ideas and technology, can’t say I’m brilliant, but my grandson says I’m a techie. I’m also interested in politics, philosophy, psychology and above all people’s potential and why I retrained in more dynamic Hypo-psychotherapy in 1995.

My Approach

When I qualified my first concern was how long most therapy took. I felt that many people were being taken advantage of because I knew with the right tools and techniques people can be self-sufficient in months, not years. My work as a manager and trainer in the voluntary sector had taught me that. That’s why I designed a style that worked inside out first because this is subtle but powerful.

Unique Framework

I believe slipping in the back door while the demanding ego is disinterested, which occurs when anything appears flaky to the logical mind. Psychologists prefer the direct approach; I prefer an indirect route. Why? Because the ego doesn’t feel threatened by this style. And the person is far more likely to believe when the information has come from themselves which it has.

My Process

I designed a six-week course and offered free CDs to use at home, and for afterwards when they left. I was hot on the client’s listening every day in the right sequence while still having therapy. I could always tell those who didn’t, and I’d say: please don’t waste my time and your money and they’d nod and agree. However, these clients were few and far between as most valued time and money.

My Latest Articles

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