Giving and sharing is the master key to success in all applications of human life.

Sylvia Lerigo

What Are The 12 Levels

First and foremost, these are practical steps to improvement. They are simple, timeless, provable strategies and designed to be easy because life is complicated enough. Calming, because there’s enough drama in the world. Fun, well, we all need to lighten up a bit. Hope because life is often devoid of hope and purpose. Subtle because of the ego’s constants need for attention. Thankfully the intellect isn’t needed with these, because we access levels of mindfulness.

Getting Started

Ask yourself what you WANT in life. List with your dominant hand, wait a day and redo list with the opposite hand. Compare. You may notice what you’ve written with the less dominant hand is what you NEED, go with this list as this comes from the higher self. Keep the second one, burn the first one. Then start with the Sieves and work your way through the techniques from one to five.


Level 1

When the environment is free from chaos, achieving mentally, emotionally, and practically is incredible. Yesterday is past. Tomorrow hasn’t yet come. The NOW is all we have. SO… shall we begin?


Level 2

The only way to create happy, productive situations is when everyone in the environment is positively involved and cares enough to do something.


Level 3

Our behaviour speaks volumes. We can apologise over and over again, but if our thinking and actions never change, then our words and actions become meaningless. Without a mentor, we can easily comply with stupidity, quickly becoming self-centred, fickle and superior.


Level 4

Don’t carry life around like a rucksack; the weight will pull you down. Instead, leave the backpack behind and take less. Because the steps we take when happy or unhappy creates a legacy, which is undeniable; and all this affects our capabilities. 


Level 5

When the ego stops, and you stop, and step back then reflect, you’re preparing yourself to work smarter, rather than harder. When we say impossible; we render ourselves incapable. Computers have many skills. But they haven’t got our ability or personality.


Level 6

Strive to be the first to smile, the first to compliment, the first to share, the first to care, and the first to forgive. We need nourishment for the heart and soul, as much as we need nourishment for our body.


Level 7

When you know who you are, a transformation takes place within you, and a new awareness is born for others to witness and emulate.


Level 8

No matter how long you’ve travelled along the wrong path, you can always stop, step back, reflect and turn around again. Remember our beliefs, opinions,, ideas and expectations won’t make us more cultured, but our behaviour, how capable we are and our personality will.


Level 9

At some point, you have to value yourself enough and stop crossing oceans for people who won’t go even cross a stream for you.


Level 10

Sometimes we need a good shakeup, a shock, a crisis, to change and rearrange things so we can fulfil our mission, and improve wellbeing.


Level 11

When we make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings and emotions, then inner peace will always evade us. Five things prevent that sense of wellbeing; (1) Saying too much, (2) not saying enough, (3) not being yourself, (4) imitating others, and (5) living in the past.

Inner Peace

Level 12

How to achieve inner peace? (1) Delete: A negative past holds us back. (2) Forgive: Because forgiving is liberating. (3) Be kind: kindness creates the Good Feel Factor. (4) Give without conditions: Because everything in life comes back.

Surmounting the trials and tribulations of human feelings enables us to gain the inspiration needed to practice a peaceful more accepting life.

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