Finding a balance can be hard, but doesn’t have to be when you see and feel natural approaches that have worked for many others working for you.

Sylvia Lerigo

The World of Optimum Healing

I did not come to know myself by standing alone on the sidelines. I came to know myself through the gift of others. I came to know myself by my actions, whether they were gracious or not. I began to realise the true measure of my generosity and the depth of my neglect. I began to act upon the chance of opportunity and live in the moments of the now.

The World of
Free Books

When anxious, worried, and desperate, and problems seem insurmountable, the right information can offer valuable options and solutions; and ones’ we might never have considered before. Words have always been a source of comfort, hope and inspiration.

The World of
Free Techniques

When exhausted, worried and anxious, usually clients hadn’t the energy to sit and listen to techniques? They wanted to sleep, or have an instant fix; and why I created these techniques so they could have therapy while sleeping. And when ready, (and they always were after a few days or weeks), listen while awake.

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods That Work

I believe slipping in the back door while the demanding ego is disinterested, which occurs when anything appears flaky to the logical mind. Psychologists prefer the direct approach; I prefer an indirect route. Why? Because the ego doesn’t feel threatened by this style. And the person is far more likely to believe when the information has come from themselves which it has.


I considered myself an intellectual...

I considered myself too intellectual for these simple techniques; after all, I’d been working intensively on myself for thirty-odd years. When you answered my rambling emails with “Keep going, they work,” I was furious and impatient with you, then one day I let go of my preconceived ideas, and something magical happened. I finally understood, that less, is more, and simple is better, but it took me a year to figure that out.”

Jade Spring

A huge thank you to you...

A huge thank you to you. Sylvia is a, great professional, always lovely and kind. I would rate her as excellent; I was able to come to some important decisions and conclusions in our sessions. And this, was all due to the intuitive and empathetic support of Sylvia, thank you.


Sylvia tends to have a deeper understanding and concept...

Sylvia tends to have a deeper understanding and concept of life far more than anyone I have known. This lady is strong, yet when speaking about the more profound things in life, even when you can’t explain something adequately, she grasps what you’re saying, elaborates fully understanding your meanings and all without confusion. This lady is for real, Sylvia’s transparent when she speaks, and while she doesn’t mince her words, she’s open-minded, and fully understands the principles of life, others behaviour and how we think. It’s an understanding beyond general understanding, and the continuing analytical approach makes her unique to me. She is something other than ordinary.

Carly Short

I experienced a total transformation during my time with Sylvia...

Sylvia knowledgable, professional and holistic in her approach. I had coaching, hypnosis, meditation and Reiki and felt revitalised after every session. Her work is the antidote to our complicated, over-stimulated, materialistic world. I still use the tools she gave me. 

Oh, how I miss those face-face sessions. Sylvia inspired me to create my business, Human Workplace Manifesto Learning and Development Consultancy. www.thehumanworkplacemanifesto.com and I thank her from the bottom of my heart, a truly amazing human being. PS: Sylvia, I don’t think you realise how wonderful you are. You have impacted so many peoples lives, including mine. Thank you.

Sharon Soderlund-Green

Sylvia has amazing NLP skills...

She helped me reach Optimum performance at work. Within days I surpassed my monthly target by 23%

Ray B

Sylvia has old fashioned values with a modern twist...

And she’s so funny as well. My first meeting was when I had secured a place in the London Marathon 2003. I’d never run anything like this before and little training. A work colleague gave me Sylvia’s phone number. I arranged to have some hypnotherapy sessions. I completed the Marathon and enjoyed it. A while later, I was struggling with an issue in my life. But I had no money. Sylvia laughed; she’s so laid back and funny. At the time I had two beehives and harvested loads of honey, and she said: ‘pay with jars of honey.’

Sue O’Sullivan

We were told our daughter would struggle to read and write...

After just one NLP session with Sylvia, and her ongoing phone tuition, fast forward 21 years our daughter left Oxford Brooke’s with 2.1

Mr & Mrs B. London

I have always struggled to find traditional psychotherapy helpful...

So thought I’d try something different. I felt an immediate connection with Sylvia and she was able to always know exactly what kind of therapy would be most helpful to me. Sylvia made a profound difference in my life and I now have skills that I can always use to help me for life.

Kate Spence

Every time I see Sylvia, I feel I gain something that makes perfect sense...

It’s like a light coming on that says, “Oh yes, of course!” Sylvia listens and hears what you say. She listens behind your actual words and understands your soul. She identifies with what’s going on inside, not the version we give, and believe to be real. The real you! She’s an extraordinary person.


Sylvia is one of the nicest cleverest ladies I know...

Her ability to manage and organise almost anything is incredible. Her knowledge is unbelievable. I think, “Yes, I know who would know that, Sylvia.” She has many outstanding talents, one of them is the interest of other people, that’s the caring and professional side of Sylvia s work, the understanding of people’s needs.

Pat Harrison

I’d been meditating for over 20-years...

I felt I was “far too sophisticated” for your simple teachings Sylvia. The response I had from you was crucial to my growth. I cannot remember your words, which is a pity, but I feel sure you would’ve said the same words to anyone else in my position:-). Given the years I’d put into personal development I thought I knew best, but what I didn’t realise is, that to meditate is not seeking to get something, but for allowing the present moment to unfold, with no expectation of the outcome, this took a few years, but finally fell into place.

Theresa Wood

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